The Executive Committee of the NGOs’ Coalition for the Adoption of a Facultative Protocol to IPESCR requests support in order to achieve the IPESCR Protocol. 8/26/2005 – Artemisa Noticias, ESCR-Net, RIMA.
The NGOs’ Coalition for the Adoption of a Facultative Protocol to IPESCR, through the member persons and organizations, is confident in representing the voice of civil society in the promotion of the future facultative protocol.
The NGO Coalition unequivocally supports the first option mentioned in the Chair’s Elements Paper – a comprehensive approach whereby all rights in the Covenant are subject to the procedures established by the Optional Protocol. The NGO Coalition believes that a comprehensive approach is an overarching fundamental requirement necessary for an effective Optional Protocol.
The NGO Coalition considers that, as is the case in the Rules of Procedure for the OPCEDAW, the burden of proof should be on the State. Thus, if a State Party disputes the author’s contention that all available domestic remedies have been exhausted, the State Party shall give details of the remedies available in the particular circumstances.

Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.
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The Evolution of an Optional Protocol Complaints Mechanism Under the ICESCR.

New mandate to start drafting!

Statement of the NGO Coalition for an Optional Protocol to the ICESCR
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